Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meet author Ess Duck. He's the author of the cat series Waji & I:
I am 50 years old. I wrote the 1st books in 2008. I have 5 for sale now. 2 that I'm working on right now and 2 more that just need a few photos to finish them, but now I'll have to wait until the temp. Goes back up next spring.
The title was not hard to come up with. It was my cat’s name that was the hard part. You see, Waji has 6 hearts in her coat but being a grown man I wasn't going to call her heart, so I asked someone to find out at her job how to say heart from the people she worked with as they came from all around the world and she came back with like 8 different names and I liked the sound of Wahji but I liked it spelled Waji and that is how she got her name. With the books being rhyming books I decided to make the title rhyme as well, and that is how they became Waji & I. That is (wa) with a short a and (ji) with a long I for (Waji & I).
For the rest of the title like (Waji & I / A Tail on the Trail) we were riding bike on a bike trail and Waji has a tail. With (Waji & I / This Is Waji) it tells all about Waji and the many things she can do. She can do more tricks then most dogs. (Waji & I / At Lake Calhoune), well that is where the story took place (Waji & I / Go Fishing).We went fishing and all my stories are true stories. In (Waji & I / Wild Rice Harvest) I go out picking wild rice while Waji goes and plays in the woods.
I self published my books because only one publisher would even talk to me since I am unknown. They will not even look at the books and it left me with no other options but to self publishes my books.
My books can be found at ( ), ( Waji & I / on Facebook ),( ) and at ( ). You can subscribe on any page on the blog or be a follower, on there and also facebook.
I am working on other books as well .I have 19 books written at this time I hope to finish this winter (Waji & I Go Camping, Fish for Lunch and Walk on Water). The price is from $8.25 to $9.25 and I am told by many that they have never seen books with such detail for children's books.

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