She's A Smart Kitty (Waji & I Photo Gallery)

I have probably taken over 1,000 photos of Waji because I think she is a special cat. But I am not the only one taking photos of her. I have seen others taking them too. Or I have been asked by others if they can take our photo. So now it is time to share some of the photos with you.

She's a Smart Kitty

These photos show some of why I think she is a smart kitty.

She waits for me while I'm in the store.
Gets on my shoulder when asked to.
Sits Pretty
Goes potty on the toilet.

Waves later

Gives a kiss on the nose when asked.
Gives High Five
Shakes Hands

To view more photos of Waji, click the link below which is our facebook page and click photos on that page.

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